Stingray Divers USA Reference Library

NAUI Forms

NAUI Medical Evaluation and Physical Approval Form Doctor’s release for scuba diving
NAUI Waiver and Release Form Scuba waiver needed for each day of diving
NAUI Addendum for use in Florida Scuba waiver for less than 18 years old

Additional Scuba Forms and Diving Information

Student Agreement for Dive Training All students fill out
Equipment Checklist
Scuba Diver Skills ERROR 404
Pool and Open Water Skills check listERROR 404
Scuba Diver - HAD Course Info form fill  Check list for scuba skills in pool and certification dives
Altitude Dive Table
Course Evaluation Student's evaluation of his/her dive training
Dive Log
Scuba Diving Equipment List List of equipment needed for diving activities
Visual Inspection Release Form Scuba cylinder VIP release ERROR 404form
Smoking and Scuba Diving Why smoking is bad for you and your dive buddies
NOAA Dive Tables
Student's Medical and Wavier for dive training
Scuba Equipment Service Order  Filled out by the owner of scuba equipment for service ERROR 404
Student Information Sheet Completed by each student
Ocean X .32 .36 .40 Nitrox Mix All about Nitrox mixes
Minimum Requirement for NAUI Scuba Divers Certification 
Scuba Cylinder Capacity How much air a scuba cylinder really holds