About Tom Brooks


This picture shows me diving on the Bloody Bay Wall at the Little Caymans in the British West Isles. This is one of the greates dive sites I have ever been on and have enjoyed each year I have been back. If you ever get the chance to go the the Caymans, BWI, it is worth the trip!

I started diving back in the mid-70s and later in college with the YMCA. In the mind-90s, I completed the PADI Divemaster at the local dive shop in Asheville, NC. A few years later, the dive shop talked me into working with them as a Scuba Dive Instructor (SDI). I taught SDI with them for several years and decided to move on and teach on my own.

I wanted to expand my knowledge and skill in scuba diving. I enrolled in a National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Instructor Training Course, or ITC, and have never looked back! The NAUI training courses and programs are great! Instructors are encouraged to not only meet standards but to exceed the standards by providing more than just the basic information and training to each student. "Dive Safety Through Education" is the NAUI motto and each instructor strives to live up to it in every course and program they teach.

In 2012, I furthered my training and attended a course with International Association of Handicapped Divers (IAHD) to get more expertise as a Handicapped Scuba Instructor. This allows me to better meet the needs of those who have the ability and desire to scuba dive who may be handicapped.

As a NAUI Course Director, NAUI Scuba Instructor, and NAUI Public Safety Diver (PSD) Instructor, I teach all types of scuba diving throughtout the year, including snorkeling, scuba diving, handicapped scuba diving, and all the courses in between to becoming a NAUI Scuba Instructor.

If you have the interest and desire to dive, I have the deisre and skills to teach you how to properly and safetly scuba dive.

The newest training I am offereing is different levels of Public Safety Diver, including dry suit and full face mask training. Please see the Public Saftey Diver page for more information.

About Panzer Brooks

Panzer The picture to the right shows me hard at work protecting the back yard from a watery disaster. While my partner is hard at work teaching dive, I stay and protect the backyard. My resume includes catching the red dot and I am currently working on catching reflections. My motto is, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."